Call to action: rally against destruction in Yemen 12/15/2018

Call to action:

Join us and Peace Fresno this Saturday to rally against the ongoing destruction in Yemen.
Say NO to the US-Saudi war crimes causing the death and starvation of millions. Help us raise awareness of how American tax dollars are murdering children in Yemen, creating what is now the worst humanitarian disaster on Earth.
Saturday, December 15, 2018 at 12:00 noon at the northeast corner of Blackstone & Nees in Fresno, Ca.
Why join us? Because standing in solidarity against humanitarian abuses shows people that there are others who believe, as they do, that abuses by our government are not to be tolerated. When we publicly stand up against these outrages it helps inspire others to stand up and speak out. It shows the victims of these crimes that they are seen, and that their suffering is recognized.
We are proud to participate, and we encourage you to stand with us.

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