Thou Shalt Not Kill: The Life and Work of Ben Salmon (by Jack Gilroy)

One hundred years ago this time, my father was flying seven-ply wooden winged aircraft over the Irish Sea looking for German U-Boats to bomb and sink. He was a good Christian… an Irish-American Catholic US Navy guy from Pennsylvania who followed orders to kill. I still love him….long gone from this world. He was indoctrinated in American patriotism as much as his indoctrination in Christianity—phony Christianity… For the nonviolent Christ did not teach killing…he taught love of one’s fellow man and woman.. My father’s church did not teach this nor did any Christian group other than the peace churches, e.g.,  Hutterites, Brethren,  Quakers, Mennonites, Amish…

One hundred years ago another Irish-American Catholic whom I admire more than my father said he would not train to kill. His name was Ben Salmon. Some of us, including Veterans for Peace such as myself, are promoting the courage and faith of Ben Salmon and hoping to turn the largest Christian denomination away from the concept of just killing…just war. If interested, check out our web site at


Getting the Catholic Church in the USA to turn from its support of just killing is akin to getting the support of the Pentagon. But it needs to be done. Please help. Declaring Ben Salmon saintly would be a major change for the Pentagon influenced Roman Catholic Church…the Church term for recognitions of a saintly person is ‘beatification’… having Ben Salmon “beatified” would be a major change of heart to the militant theology of United States Christianity.

~Jack Gilroy, President, Chapter 90 Veterans for Peace, Binghamton NY

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